We Love Peach The Duck 

Peach The Duck is an anthropomorphic character, which means that she is part girl and part duck. She is a well-loved character that appears in her own series of books and a video game and she is the face of the logo for the company that publishes books that she appears in called, Palatial Publishing, LLC.

Peach is a fun, happy, intelligent and positive little character. She received the name Peach from her parents, because she was born with a little peach birthmark on her right arm. Peach is proud of her birth mark as it is the foundation for her name and it is one of the things that makes her unique and special.

Peach appears in several books: Peach The Duck, A Peach On The Beach, Peach Plays Pretend, Peach’s Pet Pug Paulo and Peach’s Passion for Fashion and Peach in Paradise (September 2018).

Peach and her pet pug Paulo are also in a free video game on Apple iTunes called - Dress Peach. In this video game people can dress up both Peach and Paulo and also feed Paulo when he is hungry.

Keep up with Peach, as you never know what she is going to do next.

Peach The Duck Fan Page

Who is Peach The Duck and why does she have a fan page?

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