Publicist Services

Palatial Publishing, LLC offers a variety of services, such as: Resume and Manuscript Editing, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training and Publicist Services.  Please see below for more details.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training

Manuscript Editing

Our meticulous editing and formatting services will improve the strength of your manuscript and ensure that it is well written, free of error, and fully prepared for publication. Whether you’re looking for basic proofreading, substantial rewriting, or comprehensive ghostwriting services, we can tailor our services to suit your manuscript’s needs.
Our Service Options Include

  • Basic proofreading to correct typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Heavy editing to improve flow, clarity, syntax, and sentence structure
  • Critical analysis and consultation on how to strengthen your manuscript
  • Developmental editing to enhance the structure and substance of the text
  • Rewriting or paraphrasing
  • Ghostwriting original content to fill in the gaps

Even the most gifted and widely published authors rely on professional editors to elevate the quality of their manuscript and proofread their writing. The fact is that you’re simply too close to your manuscript to identify mistakes or areas in need of improvement. We take great pride in the quality of our work and value long-lasting professional relationships.
Our editing services are tailored to the needs of your manuscript and can include rewriting awkward sentences, adding transitional phrases, ensuring logical flow, or even ghostwriting new content. We can edit as lightly or heavily as you like, and we always offer our professional opinion on how your manuscript can be further improved.
Every client and manuscript is unique, which is why we prioritize getting to know you and your book to determine how to best achieve your publishing goals. Our elite team will be involved in every aspect of the process to ensure excellent service. We are available to you via phone and e-mail during extended office hours and we remain on-call during evenings.
Editing your text is just one aspect of perfecting your manuscript. Most publishers will accept only manuscripts that are properly formatted, and many require meticulous adherence to a specific manual of style. Whether you are submitting a paper to an academic journal with a detailed style guide or preparing your manuscript for ePublishing, we can ensure that your document is perfectly formatted.

  • Formatting per various style manuals (Cambridge, APA, Chicago, AP, Harvard, etc.)
  • Formatting/typesetting for traditional publishers or independent presses
  • eBook formatting (Nook, Kindle, etc.)

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What is a Publicist? Also known as: Media Agent, Public Relations Consultant.
A publicist, also known as a public relations specialist, is someone who generates media coverage for their client in order to promote them to the public. Clients can be from the film industry, the music industry or even be a company or private business that needs to improve its image in the public eye. A publicist serves as a bridge between their client and the public, by the use of media outlets. The day-to-day duties depend on who the client is, but promotion is always the focal point.
What does a Publicist do?.
Public relations is the art of influencing public perception by using strategic communication, and this is exactly what a publicist does.
There are several ways a publicist can do this:

  • Draft press releases
  • Put together an EPK (an electronic press kit)
  • Pitch their client to the media
  • Schedule interviews
  • Oversee their client's image (work with a fashion stylist if needed)
  • Scan the media for any mentions, both positive and negative
  • Manage any social media activity
  • Set up photo or video shoots
  • Help write speeches, media alerts, biographies, newsletters, blogs etc.,
  • Plan events
  • Plan press junkets
  • Make sure all branding is cohesive
  • Manage any crisis
  • Manage media training

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Learn the secrets of excellent presentations from both content and delivery perspectives.
Content - Learn how to:

  • Analyze your audience and customize your content to meets their interests
  • Organize your speech for conciseness and clarity
  • Immediately establish rapport and credibility with your audience
  • Capture attention at the start and end with memorable impact
  • Choose persuasive strategies, words, and images that win support for your ideas and motivate your audience
  • Enliven your speech with stories, anecdotes, and other attention getting techniques
  • Write for the ear not the eye
  • Create effective visual aids and PowerPoint presentations
  • Answer difficult or hostile questions

Delivery - Learn how to:

  • Overcome nervousness, phobias and fear of public speaking so that you speak with ease
  • Use your body and voice expressively
  • Eliminate distracting vocal and physical habits
  • Develop a strong and dynamic presence
  • Calmly and effectively deal with making mistakes or losing your train of thought
  • Handle the unexpected
  • Project confidence and enthusiasm
  • Smoothly interact with visuals and equipment while presenting
  • Rehearse effectively

Private Coaching or Group Training are available.

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Resume Editing

We can help tailor your resume to a specific job or industry so that you can stand out above the rest. We can also edit your cover letter to make sure that the documents in your job application are consistent with one another. We'll get rid of all those little errors that can detract from your message.

With our fast turnaround times, you can apply for your dream job within 24 hours of contacting us, meaning that you will never miss an opportunity.

What will you receive? 
An edited document in which spelling errors, grammar errors, and typos have been corrected
Changes and suggestions to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability
Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all the changes that have been made
Comments and suggestions to help improve the writing and better convey your strengths and skills
A short summary of the work that has been done and any major concerns
What types of documents can you use this service for?

  • Cover letters
  • Resumes
  • CVs

We'll give your document the white glove treatment, providing you with security and confidentiality. Uploads and downloads are safe and securely encrypted, and your personal information is kept strictly private. We handle most major file types, and we are excited to work with you.
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