We Thank You for taking a moment to view Dream Genie Match Maker (Kidney Donor). The ultimate goal is to match Alexis Mathurin with a kidney donor! If you would like to help IT'S SIMPLE! Just call Ms. Andrea Rivas at Rogosin/Cornell Weil NY Presbyterian Transplantation Center  212.746.3922

When calling say: I'm calling to donate a kidney for Alexis Mathurin. They then will further explain and assist you.

**You will NOT be obligated in any way to giving your kidney.** This call is to explain the process and inform you of the process if you are to choose to donate your kidney.

Dialysis can be a tolling process emotionally, physically and financially leading to not being able to work with an excess of financial bills such as; medical and living expenses. To donate monetarily you can securely use GoFundMe by clicking on Alexis' website at 

Alexis Mathurin is in need of a Kidney.
The waiting list is almost 10 years and she has been on dialyses for 7 years and counting. Please help Spread the word. If we were in her shoes, we would want someone to help spread the word for us. LETS MAKE HER DREAMS COME TRUE.
Please email divine.bradley@thefutureproject.org