Kamla Karina Millwood was born in the Caribbean in St. Vincent and The Grenadines. She is the Founder/CEO & President of Palatial Publishing LLC, which is a for-profit corporation - which was established on November 24th, 2015. 

Palatial Publishing LLC promotes literacy among preschool-aged children in under-resourced communities in schools, hospitals and homeless shelters. Reading to children helps them  develop the critical early literacy and social-emotional skills they need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. 

Kamla has authored, edited and published 8 books thus far. Her newest book called Peach Saves Money is geared towards teaching children about financial literacy. 

Founder/CEO & President of Palatial Publishing LLC

Kamla - in partnership with Senator Roxanne J. Persaud live streams to thousands of people stuck at home every week for Story Time. Many schools have also added this Story Time series as part of their curriculum. This virtual story time series - also provides an opportunity for children to practice their reading and give families a much-needed break during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Kamla has received a proclamation from Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L Adams for her outstanding and selfless work done in the community and for being such a positive role model and an inspiration to many.

Kamla is a graduate of St. Francis College and Harvard Business school.   

Kamla K. Millwood

Nina Klymenko

Nina Klymenko is the Founder and CEO of Bozka Games LLC,  she is an accomplished book Illustrator, games artist and designer from Boston, MA.  Her talent is sought after worldwide  - as she has an astute eye and genius mind to birth the visions of her many clients. 

Nina made her first steps in her artistic career while residing in Ukraine. After moving to the US in 2011,   she devoted herself entirely to the graphic arts. Today her portfolio includes dozens of games - including Peach The Duck - Plays Dress Up - mobile apps, books, and illustrations and design projects all over the world.

Illustrator/Designer/Games Artist

Kamla also has a non-profit called Palatial Kids Non-Profit and she will launch her online magazine called Palatial Publishing Press, which will highlight children in the community who are doing extraordinary things to educate, uplift and empower their communities. 

Kamla is also a theatrical performer and she played the lead role of Tiffany in the play titled "You Are Who You Eat" which appeared at the Kumble Theater in Brooklyn, New York for 2 days and was written by Tarishi 'Midnight' Shuler and Jashua Sa-Ra. 

Kamla is a community advocate who has conducted various job training seminars and resume workshops at various bookstores and homeless shelters in New York City.   

She ran many half marathons as well whether rain, snow, sleet or shine to bring awareness to kidney disease for a dear friend called Alexis Mathurin, which enabled her to raise funds for Alexis' cause. 

Kamla also utilizes her community advocacy to skydive for a cause, as she skydived out of a plane 10,000 feet in air wearing a Tshirt given to her by her friend Vertina Brown, which had the face of Tiarah Poyau on it. Vertina Brown - who accompanied Kamla on the skydive is the mother of the slained student Tiarah Poyau - who died of gun violence 3 years ago at J'Ouvert).


Kamla is the Face of the Got To Stop Campaign founded by Erika Ewing, which is a social impact consulting company and fashion lifestyle brand that uses the arts, advocacy, and education to raise awareness about injustices such as domestic violence, human trafficking, child abuse, racism, exploitation, racism and poverty. 

Nina holds two degrees which are in Game Development and Physics. After a few years of working  in academia, Nina made the choice to switch completely to what she is most passionate about and that is The Arts.  Now, her technical background perfectly compliments her artistic experience and skills. You can find Nina’s work at https://bozkadesign.com/