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Peach goes to the beach and finds out the consequences of what happens when you don't wear sunscreen. The importance of wearing sunscreen is explored in this second book in the Peach The Duck series.

Peach wants a pet that she could play with, that is about the size of a volleyball.  If you love animals, you will love this fourth book in the  Peach The Duck series.


Peach is getting ready for bed when her imagination runs wild and she creates all different scenarios in her head.  The importance of imagination and creativity is explored in this third book in the Peach The Duck series.


Peach goes to school with dirty, stinky, smelly yellow socks and has an encounter with a mouse that she will never forget. The importance of hygiene and listening to your parents is explored in this first book in the Peach The Duck series.

The Dress Peach Video Game (Free with optional in app-purchases) is here on the Apple iTunes Store, download this app today.  Dress Peach and her pet pug Paulo.  Press the Videogame Button to be directed to the Apple iTunes store.Hours of non-stop fun!



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