By partnering with me on this journey, you have demonstrated your commitment to education and community engagement but also will leave a lasting impact on the lives of young readers. Together, we will inspire a generation and create a brighter future through the power of reading. I am confident that with your support, the "Peach The Duck" Book Tour will touch the hearts and minds of children, sparking a lifelong love for reading and learning.






As I embark on the "Peach The Duck" Book Tour, it's imperative to highlight a fundamental pillar of my mission: bringing visibility to the generous sponsors who have thrown their support behind this initiative. Whether they are individuals or businesses, their contributions have been instrumental in making this journey possible. It's not just about the tour; it's about the collective effort to empower young minds and shape the future of literacy.

I am committed to showcasing my sponsors' commitment to education and community engagement, both within the bustling streets of NYC and far beyond its borders. By amplifying their presence to a wider audience, I aim to extend the impact of their support, reaching communities and individuals who may have otherwise been out of reach.

Thank you to my sponsors for joining me on this transformative journey, where every step I take not only makes a meaningful difference in the lives of young readers but also shines a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of my esteemed sponsors. Together, let's inspire a generation and leave an indelible mark on the landscape of literacy, all while proudly showcasing the names and brands of those who have championed this cause.

Join me, Kamla Millwood, on the "Peach The Duck" Book Tour, a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at nurturing a lifelong passion for reading and fostering creativity and imagination in children across various states. As the President of Palatial Publishing LLC, a M/WBE Certified Company, my mission is to inspire a new generation of readers and thinkers by providing direct engagement with children in diverse communities, igniting their imaginations, and fueling their dreams.

Through this tour, I aim to make a significant impact by promoting literacy, empowering children with the invaluable gift of reading, and shaping a brighter future for generations to come. Join me on this journey and help me make a meaningful difference in the lives of young readers.